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I help executives & entrepreneurs break through their biggest challenges using mind hacks, so they can have the revenue, time, and impact they’ve always dreamed of.​

Do you or your team struggle with focus and productivity?


You aren’t alone. Look around at any overly populated restaurant, classroom, or sidewalk and you’ll notice that nearly everyone is distracted. Meanwhile, 70% of the US workforce reports feeling distracted at work, according to Udemy.


This lack of focus can prevent you from reaching your goals, feeling connected, and feeling fulfilled — all critical for entrepreneurs & executives to perform at their best. I would know…


I was diagnosed with a severe form of ADHD as a child.


As a kid, I was constantly in the principal’s office for disrupting the class and not paying attention. I struggled to make good grades. At home, not only could I not sit still during dinner, but I actually would get under and on top of the table.


Because of this, I was put on Ritalin in the second grade. While it helped me perform better in school, it also made me feel dead inside. I was like a zombie without a personality.


I decided that I didn’t want to spend my life in a medicated haze and got off of Ritalin in 8th grade. As a result of getting off my medication, my grades plummeted. I even had a friend’s mother tell my I wasn’t welcomed in her home if I was off my medication. I was constantly told I would never achieve success.

It was the great inventor Henry Ford who said,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t -- you're right.” 


This quote inspired me to chase my dreams, in spite of all the challenges. I obtained a B.S. in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and certification as a hypnotherapist, finding the tools needed to achieve focus along the way. Now, I use my understanding of the human mind in my keynote speeches & workshops to share simple-but-effective tools to achieve your goals in a fun and compelling way through interactive exercises.


Packed with information and business tactics, each of my presentations is designed to empower entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills they need to elevate their teams and organizations.

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